A&A Salvage - Old Camper And Boat Removal


Camper Appliance Diagnostic and Repair Service

Do you have an old Camper or Boat with Trailer rotting away in your yard and you want it gone but don't know who would do it for "FREE"?

A&A Salvage offers free removal of any type Camper as long as it can be pulled from your property.

If you have something you would like gone simply

call, text, or message me at:

(423) 310-2117

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A&A Salvage - Old Camper and Boat Removal

If it's in your way, let us get it gone today.

We remove Old Campers, Pull-behinds, Pop-ups, 5th Wheels, etc. and Old Boats as long as they have a Trailer.

This service is beneficial to everyone involved,

it not only helps those that have a camper or boat sitting on their property taking up space and being an eyesore for the community,

it provides a source for someone looking to obtain a camper or boat project without costing an arm and leg.

What we do after obtaining these items is either try and fix those that are repairable, part them out,

or if they are in unrepairable condition, we break them down to frame.

We do sell some "AS IS" for those looking for a project.

I sell them at a fair price based on what it cost to remove the item: the mileage, gas, tires, towing, etc.

What We Do:

We are a small startup company based in Cleveland, TN and we service an area within 100 miles of our location. If you or someone you know has an old Camper and/or

Boat with Trailer sitting on your property 

and you need it gone, 

let us get it gone today at:



We now also Diagnose and Repair

Camper Appliances.

If you have an appliance that has been giving you trouble and you don't know who to call, let us see if we can figure out what the problem is. We work on Refrigerators, Stoves, A/C, Furnace, Water Heater's ,etc. We charge a Flat Service Fee of $50 whether it takes us 

"5 minutes or 5 hours "

to figure out the problem. Once we diagnose the problem we will show you what we found and inform you if it is something worth fixing. If you decide it is worth the cost of repairing it, we will give you a quote and the option of having us or someone else do the repair.

Camper Appliance Diagnostic And Repair

If it's in your way, let us get it gone today!

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423 310-2117

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We are available from

6am - 10pm Mon. - Sun.